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Branding Refresh
Branding Refresh

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What are we doing?

We are refreshing BIEPA's stall — seen every month at the Rotary Markets in Bongaree — and other promotional material to better connect with a more diverse demographic to encourage people to join BIEPA who are keen to get actively involved.

Why are we doing it?

Our market stall has been a fixture at the Bongaree market for years, and provides a valuable contact point with residents and visitors, especially new residents looking for things to get involved in. We also use it at volunteering and fundraising events, and have all our shop products on sale.

However, the roof leaks in the rain, and it's generally looking rather dull and tired. The venerable rainbow bee-eater logo is pretty but doesn't lend itself to a coherent branding scheme and doesn't do us any favours with younger generations. We need a fresh new design that works better online and gives us more flexibility by defining distinctive colours and motifs that shout "BIEPA"!

Who is involved?

  • Geoff Ginn (lead)

  • Elissa Eady (designer)

  • Liz O'Byrne

  • Darren Jew

  • Brendan Walsh

  • Anne Mason

  • Richard Ogden

  • Mike Howells

Plus any members who drop by to help out on the day!

How are we doing it?

  • New signage and branding with kerb appeal.

  • Posters to explain what we do and how to help.

  • Tablet or laptop for people to sign up to projects.

  • Promote biodiversity bundle and other project initiatives.

How can you help?

Can you help with:

  • setting up and tearing down the stall?

  • storing the market stall and stock?

  • helping visitors to the stall with questions and purchases?

  • making the market stall look more appealing?

Contact us at if you can join the team, or even just help the team now and then.

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