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Nature-based Tourism
Nature-based Tourism

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What are we doing?

We work with local government to promote nature-based tourism as a way to protect nature on Bribie Island by making it a vital asset for local businesses.

Why are we doing it?

  1. Hold a Community Forum to gauge the level of interest and participation.

  2. Apply for a grant from MBRC to explore ways to promote nature-based tourism on Bribie.

  3. Establish working groups to focus on key initiatives to develop the right kind of tourism.

  4. Participate in the creation of a Yarun Discovery Centre.

Who is involved?

  • Chris Meibusch

  • Richard Ogden

  • Angela Armitage

  • Geoff Ginn

  • Mike Howells

How are we doing it?

How can you help?

We need a leader and about four others for each of these three initial working groups:

  • Bribie Tourism

  • Yarun Discovery Centre

  • Cycle Path / Green Bridge

Please get in touch by emailing:

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