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Welcome Pack
Welcome Pack

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What are we doing?

We're creating a welcome pack for new BIEPA members

Why are we doing it?

When people join we want them to understand how BIEPA is organised into Mission Teams. We'll explain how to log in to the website to manage their own membership details, find a team to join, and get involved in projects, so that we activate new members as quickly as possible.

Who is involved?


  • Liz O'Byrne


  • Mike Howells

  • TBC

How are we doing it?

The pack will include information pamphlets (on recycled paper) and seeds for plants endemic to Bribie Island, in an organic cotton shopping bag with the BIEPA logo. It will not include any plastic.

How can you help?

Got ideas on what new members will want? Good at designing pamphlets or merchandise?

Join this project to help us give new members a memorable welcome!

Contact the team on:

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