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Bribie Island National Park


Learn more about the small tasks that contribute to the success of our projects to see if there are any you can help with...

Greeting New Members

Contact new members shortly after they join to welcome them to BIEPA and find out more about them. Take notes and record them in our membership database so that authorised people can read the notes and help the new member get involved in projects.

Keeper of the Nurdles

We recently had a pollution incident where millions of tiny plastic beads called "nurdles" washed up on Bribie beaches. It is essential to document these incidents and record the amount of nurdles (by weight) collected by volunteers. This data is passed on to organisations that report on marine pollution. We need people to gather up the collected bags of nurdles, weigh them to estimate numbers, and submit data to third-parties. 

Monthly Newsletters

Preparing monthly emails with a summary of the news and events relevant to members, so that they get one comprehensive newsletter rather than lots of separate emails.

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