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Keeper of the Nurdles

We recently had a pollution incident where millions of tiny plastic beads called "nurdles" washed up on Bribie beaches. It is essential to document these incidents and record the amount of nurdles (by weight) collected by volunteers. This data is passed on to organisations that report on marine pollution. We need people to gather up the collected bags of nurdles, weigh them to estimate numbers, and submit data to third-parties. 

Who does this suit?

You'll need to be fairly meticulous in collecting and measuring the nurdles, and be able to submit the data via a website. Ideally you'll also prepare very brief reports to the BIEPA management committee and other members.

How do I volunteer?

If you're already in the BIEPA Community in WhatsApp, post a message in this group:

BIEPA Environment Team

Otherwise contact us by email:

What does this help with?

Find out more about the project this task helps to progress...

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