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Bongaree Marketeers

Bongaree Marketeers

Our Mission

We make sure BIEPA has a physical presence at the Rotary Markets in Bongaree, so that we raise funds, recruit members, and raise awareness of environmental issues with the local community and visitors to the island.

Key Goals

  1. Raise awareness of BIEPA, the work we do, and the impact is has.

  2. Raise funds by selling items from the shop.

  3. Recruit new members.

The Team

  • Angela Armitage

  • Diane Oxenford

  • Geoff Ginn

  • Plus any members who'd like to help out on the day!

Our Activities

We have for many years operated a BIEPA stall at the Rotary Markets on the second Sunday of every month in Brennan Park, Bongaree.

Get Involved

Can you help with:

  • setting up and tearing down the stall?

  • storing the market stall and stock?

  • helping visitors to the stall with questions and purchases?

  • making the market stall look more appealing?

Contact us at if you can join the team, or even just help the team now and then.

Project Gallery

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