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Our Mission

The reason we exist

BIEPA's mission is to help life to flourish on our island sanctuary by:

  • protecting, maintaining, and restoring the native flora and fauna on and around the island;

  • monitoring and improving the natural environment, including the surrounding waters;

  • influencing urban development and promoting sustainable ecotourism; and

  • proactively engaging with the local community to grow our membership and raise funds and awareness.

Help us by joining a Mission Team!

Our Vision

The future we hope to create

We have a vision of a future Bribie, an island sanctuary where life flourishes.

We hope to make Bribie Island into a genuine sanctuary for native flora and fauna. We hope to help the community to embrace the goal once so spectacularly achieved by the First Australians of ensuring that all life flourishes.

Bribie Island National Park
Our Values

The principles that guide how we operate

  • Diversity – we cherish different cultures and personalities in our community

  • Resilience – we cannot always control events but we can control how we respond

  • Collaboration – we work with others to solve problems together

  • Optimism – we stick to our belief that we can achieve good things

  • Empathy – we seek first to understand others and consider their feelings


Our Management Team

See also our Mission Teams responsible for different aspects of our overall mission.

Our Constitution

Our constitution sets out our objectives and operating procedures.

Our Partners


Our Charity Status

BIEPA is a Registered Charity and a Deductible Gift Recipient.


This means that your donations are tax-deductible.

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