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Bribie Island National Park
BIEPA Projects

Backyard Biodiversity

We are finding ways to encourage residents to make space for native plants in their gardens to encourage native wildlife to flourish, one garden at a time.

Bongaree Marketeers

We are refreshing BIEPA's stall, seen every month at the Rotary Markets in Bongaree, to connect with a more diverse range of age groups and encourage people to join BIEPA in order to get involved.

Bribie Island Turtle Trackers

We monitor and protect the turtles that nest on Bribie's beaches to maximise the number of hatchlings that make it to the sea.

Dune Planting

We are demonstrating that growing beaches by planting on dunes and protecting them from pedestrian traffic is the most cost-effective and successful foreshore management practice in erosion prevention.

Marine Debris

We are protecting native wildlife along the coastal fringes of Bribie Island and surrounds from the dangers posed by litter and other marine debris.

Nature-based Tourism

We work with local government to promote nature-based tourism as a way to protect nature on Bribie Island by making it a vital asset for local businesses.

Queen's Jubilee Planting

We are planting and nurturing native trees and shrubs in Bribie Island parks as part of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

Toad Busters

We aim to control and eventually eradicate cane toads (Rhinella marina) on Bribie Island.

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