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Marine Debris
Marine Debris

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What are we doing?

We are protecting native wildlife along the coastal fringes of Bribie Island and surrounds from the dangers posed by litter and other marine debris.

Why are we doing it?

  • Clean up a 6km stretch of Red Beach after the floods.

  • Contribute data to research into sources and solutions.

Who is involved?

  • Rhys Walker

  • Ian Bell

How are we doing it?

We collect and catalogue coastal litter and submit the data to Tangaroa Blue, who identify and target the sources of marine debris around Australia.

Not only are we clearing away an unsightly mess, we are protecting wildlife who ingest or get tangled in litter, and helping to tackle the problem at its source.  Local clean-up initiatives like this have had a significant impact on reducing coastal litter around Australia, as reported by The Guardian in June 2022. 

This project has received funding from the Queensland Department of Environment and Science Community Sustainability Action Grant Program.

How can you help?

Come and join us on our Red Beach Clean-up days:

  1. Go to the Events page.

  2. Click on a clean-up event (every other Monday) on the calendar.

  3. Click on the event name to see the details.

  4. Register to show that you're coming.

  5. Turn up on the time and location given.

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