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Bribie Island National Park

Rescue Contacts

BIEPA is not a wildlife rescue organisation so we are not qualified to help with injured, sick, or dead animals.

The organisations listed below will be able to help.

Please call the marine stranding or wildlife rescue numbers on this page if you have found a sick, injured, or dead native Australian animal.


The person taking your call will ask for helpful information, such as:

  • Location (GPS coordinates if possible).

  • A description of the animal:

    • species (e.g. dugong, turtle, whale, dolphin);

    • condition;

    • size; and

    • any identifying tags.

  • A description of what is wrong with the animal; e.g. stranded on beach, injured, entangled in net or crab pot.

  • Photos if available.

  • Your contact details.

To report cruelty to any animal, call the RSPCA.

City of Moreton Bay Council

City of Moreton Bay Council

Contact CMBC on 1300 477 161 to report environmental issues or local laws incidents including dogs. Other issues can be reported from your phone by downloading the Snap, Send, Solve app.

Marine Wildlife Strandings and Pollution Incidents

Marine Wildlife Strandings and Pollution Incidents

For fast response, report sick, injured, or dead turtles, dolphins, dugongs, or whales around Bribie Island by phoning a local Bribie-based Government-accredited volunteer on either 0438 111 163 or 0405 695 113.

You can also report Marine Strandings to the Queensland Government’s Helpline on 1300 130 372. QPWS will not be able to attend to all reported cases and will often refer to local responders.

Report Marine/Water Pollution (including chemical spills in marinas, plastic spills effecting beaches, chemical spray drift etc) to the Water Pollution Hotline 1300 130 372 . Be sure ask for and record a case Reference Number so that your report can be followed up by the BIEPA Environment Team if required.

RSPCA Queensland

RSPCA Queensland

Report cruelty to animals on 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625).

Wildlife Rescue Queensland

Wildlife Rescue Queensland

Please call 24-hour hotline to report sick or injured native animals: 0478 901 801

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