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Bribie Island National Park



Our mission is to monitor and improve the natural environment of Bribie Island, including its surrounding waters.


  • Reduce and eventually erradicate cane toads on the island.

  • Restore 1 hectare of oyster reefs in Pumicestone Passage.

  • Clear litter from 6km of coastline.


Team leaders responsible for coordinating projects and reporting to Management Committee:

  • Peter Alexander

  • Jenny Walker

  • Brendan Walsh

Team members actively engaged in driving projects to reach goals:

  • Deb Colmer

  • Robert Irwin

  • Simon Middap

  • Liz O'Byrne

  • Suzanne Roberts

  • Rodney Roberts

  • Anita Walker

  • Jody Washington

  • Liz Watkins

Team helpers who get involved when they can:

  • Jennie Beecroft

  • Ian Carr

  • Maree Clark

  • Ishaan Deswal

  • Christine Gallagher

  • Fiona Harding

  • Mike Howells

  • Darren Jew

  • Keith Mewes

  • Douglas Parrington

  • Maja Lisa Pinci

  • Jill Sanders

  • Narelle Saville

  • Annette Schnack

  • Colin Scobie

  • Nadja Tamas

  • Rhys Walker

  • Sally Walsh

Email us to join in:

To be a member of this team you must be a BIEPA member, able to commit some of your time to work on progressing projects, and be on WhatsApp to keep in touch between meetings. Alternatively you can be a helper, getting involved in activities but not driving projects.


Team members are running these projects to reach the team's goals — anyone can be a helper on activities.

Oyster Reef Restoration
We are partnering with OzFish and Healthy Land and Water to restore oyster reefs in Pumicestone Passage. OzFish is already running a successful shellfish reef restoration programme in Moreton Bay, so we are working with them to do the same in our Marine Park.
Toad Busters
We aim to control and eventually eradicate cane toads (Rhinella marina) on Bribie Island.
Dune Planting
We are demonstrating that growing beaches by planting on dunes and protecting them from pedestrian traffic is the most cost-effective and successful foreshore management practice in erosion prevention.
Marine Debris
We are protecting native wildlife along the coastal fringes of Bribie Island and surrounds from the dangers posed by litter and other marine debris.
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