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Toad Busters
Toad Busters

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What are we doing?

We aim to control and eventually eradicate cane toads (Rhinella marina) on Bribie Island.

Why are we doing it?

  1. Maintain a downward trend in seasonal/monthly numbers of tads n toads at each location.

  2. Find methods that maximise effectiveness by catching the most toads with the least effort.

Who is involved?

  • Anita Walker (Bibimulya Wetlands)

  • Peter Alexander (Woorim – Freshwater Creek)

  • Simon Middap (Pacific Harbour Golf Course)

How are we doing it?

Initially, BIEPA participated in the Cane Toad Challenge Project launched by Prof. Rob Capon of the University Queensland which was ruled by a strict code of ethics relating to the capture and humane treatment of toads. The Cane Toad Challenge Project has since lapsed after funding of the project was terminated, however dedicated toad busting groups have continued the challenge of toad & tadpole capture & disposal using the techniques developed during the Cane Toad Challenge Project.

The control & ultimate removal of cane toads on Bribie Island was initiated to allow the native wildlife, in particular the unique local “wallum” frog life on Bribie to re-establish their numbers. A group of dedicated Bribie Island Toad Busters consistently capture and dispose of cane toads from various areas on Bribie Island.

This means regular weekly or fortnightly toad busting evenings during the toad summer mating season (August – April) for approximately 30-60 minutes at the current target areas (Woorim, Bibimulya & Pacific Harbour). We’ve had families of enthusiastic young spotters on torches, bag carriers & toad catchers aged 6 to 80 years heading out just after sunset with one goal: bag a toad!

Even if you’re just interested in following the action, who you gonna call? Toad busters!

How can you help?

Contact Peter on 0407 491 198

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