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Bribie Island BioBlitz
Bribie Island BioBlitz

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What are we doing?

BIO = Life
BLITZ = To do something quickly and intensively

A BioBlitz is a united effort to discover and record as many living things or evidence of
living things as possible, within a set location, over a given time period.

Why are we doing it?


Bribie Island is an Island of high conservation value, with rich biological diversity. However, more data is required to fully understand and protect Bribie Island’s biodiversity. Regrettably local extinctions of plant and animal species have already occurred on the Island – and we know that rich, biodiverse communities are essential to human health.

Who is involved?

Project Coordinators

  • Jayda Bruce

  • Sherry Bruce


  • Darren Jew

  • Colleen Ogilvie

  • Narelle Saville

  • Jo Cowan

  • Deirdre Reynolds

  • Nadja Tamas

The whole community can be part of Bioblitz!

How are we doing it?

Observations are recorded using the iNaturalist app, which sends data to the Atlas of Living Australia so that we are contributing to a nationwide species database.  Verified observations data collected and shared via the iNaturalist app can be used by scientists and other organisations to help protect nature. 

Observations made during each successive BioBlitz create seasonal biodiversity snapshots of the nature of Bribie Island, but once empowered with the iNaturalist app, you can share your observations made at any time, not just during a BioBlitz. Every verified record adds to the biodiversity knowledge-base.

How can you help?


At any time, you can use iNaturalist  to record your observations! Every single observation you do at any time adds to the biodiversity record. You can keep track of all the latest Bribie Island and Surrounds observations here.



  • Spring BioBlitz 2023 on the weekend of 21-22 October 2023 (Coincides with the Bribie Island Nature Festival)

  • Winter BioBlitz 2023  The results of our first Bioblitz can be seen here! 344 different species of plants and animals obeserved on Bribie Island in 24 hours!  You can also see the results of our geo-extended project that includes the Pumicestone Passage and and its catchment: 2023 Bribie Island and Surrounds BioBlitz

Project Gallery

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