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Updated: Oct 20, 2023

SEE IT, SNAP IT, SHARE IT! On October 21 and 22, be part of Bribie Island's next Biodiversity Survey!

Citizen scientists – we need you! Help observe and record our biodiversity by being part of the latest round of Seasonal Biodiversity Surveys – the Bribie Island Spring Bioblitz! Head out with your camera and phone with the iNaturalist app (download for free) and find anything living (or evidence of a living thing like a feather, nest, poo, dead animal…) Look for plants, animals, insects, take a photo or record a sound and upload to iNaturalist.

BioBlitz is happening EVERYWHERE around the island over the Saturday and Sunday of the upcoming Bribie Island Nature Festival weekend. You can BioBlitz in a park, on the beach, in the National Park or within the surrounding waters of Pumicestone Passage and the Marine Park... even down the main street or in your own backyard!

The data collected and shared via the iNaturalist app is used by scientists to help understand, protect and conserve nature. Bribie Island is an Island of high conservation value with rich biological diversity. However, more observations data is required to fully understand and protect Bribie Island’s biodiversity for the future!


iNaturalist is a platform that helps capture, identify and record nature observations. Once uploaded your observations become part of the database, and can be explored through the app, along with the observations of thousands of other iNaturalists, just like you. Once observations are Verified by the species experts in the iNaturalist community, their value to science increases. Research Grade observations are channeled to the Atlas of Living Australia, where they join with other records from other sources in an even bigger dataset, helping scientists to unravel important questions. NOT JUST AN APP, ITS A WEBSITE TOO! The iNaturalist App is a smartphone interface into a very powerful website. In fact you can access the website and your account from your computer using your app's login credentials at any time, and you'll find even more powerful tools to explore that data, set up watch lists for your favourite species or a special place you are interested in.

If you're using a camera rather than a phone to record your observations, you might find it easier to upload your observations through the website.

There are plenty of educational resources available on the iNaturalist site that will help you get the most of the platform.

WHEN Saturday 21 - Sunday 22 October 2023 WHERE All around Bribie Island, and the Pumicestone Passage catchment. You find a pop-up information tent next to the Bribie Island Seaside Museum on both Saturday and Sunday mornings if you need any tips on locations or iNaturalist. HOW There's no prerequisite to register, just capture your observations over the weekend using the iNaturalist system! If you'd like to receive updates in advance of the event however, you can register here.


All the observations captured within the Project Area on the weekend of the festival will automatically be added to the Bribie Island Spring Bioblitz 2023 project, there's nothing else you need to do. You'll be able to explore the Project and see species lists and counts, and know your effort has contributed to a vital pool of knowledge. Bribie PLUS Spring Bioblitz 2023 is a sibling project, taking in Bribie Island and surrounds, including the Pumicestone Passage catchment and the island's adjacent coast. If you have any questions, contact the BIEPA Bioblitz Project at

See it! Snap it! Share it!

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