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Bribie Island National Park



Our mission is to protect, maintain, and restore native animal life on the land, up in the air, and in the waters around Bribie Island.


  • Engender a sense of community stewardship of Bribie Island’s wildlife through broad participation in Wildlife Team projects.

  • Participate in City of Moreton Bay’s Biodiversity Reference Group, advocating for improvements in planning outcomes for Bribie Island’s nature.

  • Maintain an ongoing sightings register that records the geospatial habits of Pumicestone Passage's dugongs, to assist researchers and inform natural resource managers.

  • Establish an ongoing dolphin sightings register to inform natural resource managers and achieve better conservation outcomes.

  • Organise seasonal Bioblitz events that add to Bribie Island’s biodiversity evidence-base, and that promote community engagement with nature.

  • Develop data management processes that ensure that all verified biodiversity data gathered is channelled to appropriate State and National species databases.

  • Establish a Marine Turtle Education and Monitoring Support Program in conjunction with QPWS, to be rolled-out for the 2023/24 turtle nesting season.

  • Advocate for improved protections for the threatened shorebirds of Bribie Island and surrounds, and a reduction in human-preventable disturbances.


Team leaders coordinating projects and reporting to Management Committee:

  • Darren Jew

  • Diane Oxenford

Active Project Members participate in the running of their chosen project/s on a semi-regular/regular basis.

  • Sandra Bayley 

  • Tracey Benson

  • May Britton

  • Noleen Brown

  • Sherry Bruce

  • Jayda Bruce 

  • Kathleen Catalan

  • Jo Cowan

  • Paul Cuddihy

  • Pete Garbett

  • Kylie Hakens 

  • Colleen Ogilvy

  • Susan Parker

  • Donna Pearce

  • Deirdre Reynolds

  • Jean Taplin

  • Brendan Walsh

  • Lyn Clark

  • Liz Tasker

  • Adorn Williams

Team Helpers are on-call when extra help is needed from time-to-time.

  • Jenny Archer

  • Angela Armitage

  • Beverley Biram

  • Ishaan Deswal

  • Deb Elliott-French

  • Kylie Hankens

  • Fiona Harding

  • Lesley Kendall

  • Richard Mayer

  • Jen Neale

  • Liz O'Byrne

  • Kit Pendergast

  • Maja Lisa Pinci

  • Chantel Priddey

  • Loris Roubin

  • Zdena Rumreich

  • Narelle Saville

  • Annette Schnack

  • Paul Seto

  • Camilla Smith

  • Irene Sourgnes

  • Geoffrey Speakman

  • Nadja Tamas

  • Josefina Thomas

  • Helen Twaddle

  • Jan Van-Arnhem

  • Anita Walker

  • Jenny Walker

  • Carol Wood

  • Karen Wilson

  • Lesley Wright

Wildlife Team Projects are managed using WhatsApp Chat Groups and in-person or remote meetings. Please get in touch if you'd like to get involved!

Email us to join in:

To be a member of this team you must be a BIEPA member, able to commit some of your time to work on progressing projects, and be on WhatsApp to keep in touch between meetings. Alternatively you can be a helper, getting involved in activities but not driving projects.


Team members are running these projects to reach the team's goals — anyone can be a helper on activities.

Dugong Diaries
Dugong Diaries is a citizen science project developing a picture of how dugongs utilise Bribie Island's waterways so they can be better protected.
Turtle Awareness
We raise community awareness of Bribie Island's threatened marine turtles and advocate for best-practice management of the island's nesting beaches and the surrounding Marine Park, to improve their protection.
Bribie Island BioBlitz
BIO = Life BLITZ = To do something quickly and intensively A BioBlitz is a united effort to discover and record as many living things or evidence of living things as possible, within a set location, over a given time period.
Securing Shorebirds
Working, advocating, and collaborating to secure a future for the threatened Shorebirds of Bribie Island and surrounds.
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