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Bribie's Winter BIOBLITZ!

Updated: Jul 7

Citizen scientists – we need you! Help observe and record Bribie's biodiversity.

SEE IT, SNAP IT, SHARE IT! Discover the amazing Biodiversity on Bribie Island. Head out with your phone and the

iNaturalist app (download for free) and find anything living (or evidence of a living thing like a feather, nest, poo, dead animal…). Look for plants, animals insects, take a photo or record a sound and upload to iNaturalist.


BIO = Life

BLITZ = To do something quickly and intensively

“A BioBlitz is a united effort to discover and record as many living things or evidence of

living things as possible, within a set location, over a given time period ”


The data collected and shared via the iNaturalist app is used by Scientists and other

Organisations to help protect Nature. Bribie Island is an Island of high conservation value

with rich biological diversity. However, more data is required to fully understand and

protect Bribie Island’s biodiversity. Regrettably local extinctions of plant and animal species have already occurred on the Island –and we know that rich, biodiverse communities are essential to human health.


The BioBlitz is happing EVERYWHERE on Bribie Island. You can BioBlitz in a park, on the

beach, within the ocean parameter, down the main street or even your backyard. Use the

iNaturalist app all over Bribie Island and surrounds, You can also join our scheduled activities to learn more from experienced Bioblitzers.


The real power of the iNaturalist platform is that all verified observations automatically find their way into the national species database, known as the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA), Overseen by the CSIRO, the ALA is the storehouse of biodiversity information, and a resource for anyone who need to know what lives where.


For a chance to win prizes, join in on other fun BioBlitz activities and meet the BioBlitz team, visit the BioBlitz stall at the Rotary Markets, Brennan Park, Bongaree on the Sunday, 9th July 2023 between 6:30 and noon.

THE WINTER BIOBLITZ PROGRAM BioBlitz HQ July 9 6:30am – 12:00noon

Bribie Island Rotary Markets, Brennan Park Make your way to BioBlitz HQ for all the info you need.

  • Tips on using the iNaturalist app

  • Info about Bribie's amazing nature!

  • Kids eco-activities

  • Kids Insect Beach Sweep (see registration link below)

  • Meet Jarrah, the Conservation Detection Dog in training

  • Make a Seed Bomb with Professor Jellybean

BioBlitz Activities and Afternoon Walks Once you're familiar with iNaturalist, you can participate in the Bioblitz as an individual, a family, or a group of friends, heading out and doing your own observations which is perfectly fine, and encouraged. If you'd like to glean tips about the process, learn about what your seeing from experienced naturalists and observers, and learn more about Bribie's nature you might like to join one of our special Bioblitz walks. See each event link for details, REGISTER FOR ACTIVITIES SUNDAY JULY 9 2023

Kids Insect Beach Sweep 10:30am – 11:00am

Free, Info and Registration here

Buckley's Hole Walk 2:00pm – 3:00pm Free, Info and Registration here

DUE TO SITE ISSUES, Wonders of the Wallum Bioblitz led by expert local botanist Ben Timmings has been cancelled. After a site inspection and consultation with Ben, it's just a little too soon after the fires for a successful walk. The wallum will be back better than ever though, so consider joining one of Ben's other BIEPA walks in August/September. See the BIEPA Events calendar.

Surf Beach Stroll

4:00pm – 5:00pm Free, Info and Registration here

Woodland Wander 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Free, Info and Registration here

iNaturalist PROJECT DETAILS Here's a link to the iNaturalist Project — Bribie Island Winter Bioblitz — once you're running the app and have an account, we'd love you to join the project to be part of the community. The Project window is 6:30am Sunday July 9 to 6:30am Monday July 10 (24 hours)

For those just off the island, we 've created a second concurrent project called Bribie+ which takes in the island and the surrounding catchment to help build a picture of the areas that influence Bribie also. This is a "collection" project so will include all observations from all iNaturalists who observe over the whole weekend, including those who are members of the main Project. So grab your phone (and your camera if you wish) and join with amateur naturalists and citizen scientists as we Bioblitz Bribie!

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