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Backyard Biodiversity
Backyard Biodiversity

What are we doing?

We are finding ways to encourage residents to make space for native plants in their gardens to encourage native wildlife to flourish, one garden at a time.

Why are we doing it?

There is a huge area of Bribie covered by gardens, which could be home to thousands of native birds and butterflies. However, many gardens are mostly covered in lawns and planted with exotic non-native species, which is like a barren desert for wildlife. Residents also struggle to find plants that will thrive on Bribie's nutrient-poor sandy soil.

We believe that by educating residents on the value of biodiversity in their backyards, and by creating model gardens that show what's possible, we can persuade more residents to create havens for wildlife.

Who is involved?

Project team:

  • Angela Armitage (lead)

  • Zdena Rumrich

  • Ashleigh Gorring

  • Jess Rouette

  • Mike Howells

How can you help?

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