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Bribie Island National Park



Our mission is to protect, maintain, and restore the native vegetation that forms habitat on and around Bribie Island.


By the end of 2024:

  • Secure local sources of endemic native plants.

  • Establish six model habitat gardens or verges.

  • Revegetate a local park with natives.


Team leaders responsible for coordinating projects and reporting to the Management Committee:

  • Angela Armitage

  • Roxanne Zolin

Team members actively engaged in driving projects to reach goals:

  • Glenda Charles

  • Mike Howells

  • David Percival

  • Mark Stanton-Cook

  • Ben Timmings

  • Jenny Walker

Team helpers who get involved when they can:

  • Ashleigh Goring

  • Maja Lisa Pinci

  • Jess Rouette

  • Zdena Rumreich

  • Brendan Walsh

Email us to join in:

To be a member of this team you must be a BIEPA member, able to commit some of your time to work on progressing projects, and be on WhatsApp to keep in touch between meetings. Alternatively you can be a helper, getting involved in activities but not driving projects.


Team members are running these projects to reach the team's goals — anyone can be a helper on activities.

Wallum Walks
Guided and self-guided wildflower walks through the unique wallum habitat on Bribie Island.
Queen's Jubilee Planting
We are planting and nurturing native trees and shrubs in Bribie Island parks as part of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.
Backyard Biodiversity
We are finding ways to encourage residents to make space for native plants in their gardens to encourage native wildlife to flourish, one garden at a time.
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