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Happy Members
Happy Members

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What are we doing?

We're making sure BIEPA members are happy to participate in our projects and proud to be members of Bribie Island's premier environmental organisation.

Why are we doing it?

Our success depends on the degree to which our members are willing to get stuck in and help on our projects. They are all volunteers so we need them to feel engaged and motivated to help, and to find the experience enjoyable and rewarding.

Who is involved?


  • Mike Howells


  • Sandra Bayley

  • Liz O'Byrne

  • Ray Donnell

  • Richard Ogden

How are we doing it?

We are trying a number of initiatives:

  • informative monthly meetings open to everyone

  • an information leaflet that explains what BIEPA does and how to join

  • a welcome phone call to new members to understand how they want to help

  • experience mapping to explore how people join BIEPA and get involved in a project

  • a welcome pack that guides people who are not comfortable using the website

How can you help?

Got ideas on what members will want? Good at designing leaflets and guides?

Join this project to help us keep members happy!

Contact the parent team on:

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