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Bribie Island National Park



Our mission is to raise BIEPA's profile in the community and on social media, building local partnerships and growing our membership via signature and pop-up events.


  • 50% more members joined in 2023

  • 60% of members on project teams by end of 2023

  • At least one news article every week

  • Hold a "signature" event in 2023 (e.g. Giant Turtle)

  • [tentative] Establish 2 partnerships in 2023


Team leaders responsible for coordinating projects and reporting to Management Committee:

  • Mike Howells

  • Liz O'Byrne

Team members actively engaged in driving projects to reach goals:

  • Geoff Ginn

  • Darren Jew

  • Richard Ogden

  • Jill Cutting

  • Leesa Armstrong

  • Rosie Layton

  • Brendan Walsh

Email us to join in:

To be a member of this team you must be a BIEPA member, able to commit some of your time to work on progressing projects, and be on WhatsApp to keep in touch between meetings. Any BIEPA member can help out on any project run by any team.


Team members are running these projects to reach the team's goals — anyone can be a helper on activities.

BIEPA Calendar
We're publishing a 2025 calendar to showcase nature on Bribie Island
Fun Fundraising
We're organising various fundraising activities/events to fill up our Public Environment Fund used to fuel our environmental projects.
Happy Members
We're making sure BIEPA members are happy to participate in our projects and proud to be members of Bribie Island's premier environmental organisation.
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