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Fighting Damaging Development
Fighting Damaging Development

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What are we doing?

We are getting to grips with government planning systems, campaigning for improvements and challenging Development Applications that will have a significant detrimental impact on native habitat and wildlife on Bribie Island and surrounds.

Why are we doing it?

Development Applications are assessed against the Queensland Government's Planning Act and the Moreton Bay City Council's Planning Scheme. If they meet the requirements stipulated in those planning instruments, no amount of letter writing, challenging experts, emotional pleading, or public criticism will have any impact on the outcome. In fact, doing those things can actually be counter-productive, damaging our credibility and our relationships with key decision makers. 

If we want to improve the environmenal outcomes from DAs, we have to get smarter and be more strategic. We have to hire professional experts in subjects like planning, ecology, and bushfire who have good reputations in the environment court and can pull the right levers to get a better outcome for nature on Bribie Island. This will cost money, so we also have to get better at fundraising for these kinds of campaign, learning from other environmental groups in our region who already do this.

Who is involved?

Project team:

  • Paul O'Donohue

  • Angela Armitage

  • Mike Howells

How are we doing it?

We are currently working with a specialist legal respresentative recommended by the Environmental Defenders Office on a notice of appeal against a DA for a development on First Avenue.

We are following a very cautious process where we will not spend any money unless there is a very high degree of confidence in getting a positive result, and we'll be running a fundraising campaign to cover our costs. Regardless of the result, we'll also have shown the local community that we're stepping up and being effective as the advocate for nature on Bribie Island. This first case will set us up ready to tackle future DAs in a strategic and impactful way.

How can you help?

Do you know how planning works, or have contacts in government planning departments? Do you have a legal background or knowledge of environmental law in Queensland? Do you have experience at running fundraising campaigns? Or, do you just want to help us plan and progress work on challenging DAs that harm the environment on Bribie?

Contact the project coordinator:

Project Tasks

See if there are any specific tasks you can help with to make progress on this project. If every BIEPA member takes on just one task, we will have a huge impact on protecting nature on Bribie Island.

Monitoring New DAs
Watching for new Development Applications to assess their environmental impact.

Project Gallery

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