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Child Safety Policy

BIEPA is a Child Safe organisation, with zero tolerance for child abuse and a commitment to children’s best interests.

Statement of Commitment

Bribie Island Environmental Protection Association Inc (BIEPA) is an incorporated association based on Bribie Island, Queensland, Australia.

BIEPA is a Child Safe organisation, with zero tolerance for child abuse and a commitment to children’s best interests. All children who participate in our activities have a right to feel and be safe. We encourage children to express their views and we listen to their suggestions, especially on matters that directly affect them. Physical or sexual abuse of a child is a crime and will be reported to police, including grooming for sexual conduct with a child under the age of 16 years. All adults who form a reasonable belief that such a sexual offence has occurred have an obligation to report it to police.


The purpose of this policy is to keep children safe in all BIEPA activities.


This policy complies with the Child Safe Standards.

BIEPA recognises that there are key risks to Child Safety being:

  • Physical or sexual abuse

  • Grooming (abuse of trust usually occurs where there is an ongoing relationship of trust)

  • Inappropriate child-to-child or adult-to-child physical or verbal contact

  • Circulation of sexually explicit material

BIEPA understands that all children are vulnerable and will consider the increased vulnerability of: Aboriginal children, those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and children with disabilities.

Code of Conduct

Breaches of the Code of Conduct will result in a suspension of membership. Persons who repeatedly breach the code of conduct will no longer be eligible for membership.


  • Do take all reasonable steps to protect children from abuse.

  • Do model appropriate adult behaviour.

  • Do listen to children and respond to them appropriately.

  • Do welcome all children and their carers and be inclusive.

  • Do report any complaints, concerns or disclosures regarding Child Safety to the Secretary, or to the Queensland Family & Child Commission on 07 3900 6000.

  • Do respect privacy of children and only disclose information to people who need to know.


  • Do not ignore or disregard any complaints, concerns, or disclosures regarding child safety.

  • Do not develop ‘special’ relationships with specific children or show favouritism with gifts or inappropriate attention.

  • Do not exchange personal contact details such as phone numbers, social networking site or email addresses with children.

Risk Management

BIEPA will:

  • Be upfront about child safety to deter inappropriate behaviour (mention it in activity briefings, put it on your website etc).

  • Listen if children report feeling uncomfortable.

  • Make sure children and adults know who to go to if they have concerns (for big events have signs that are at a variety of eye levels).

  • If families bring children to activities, immediately advise the parent or carer that they must directly supervise the child at all times.

  • Ensure all unaccompanied children work in groups of three or more with either two or more adults or with children of a similar age.

  • Ensure that no child is alone with only one other person at any time.

  • Include an Under 18 checkbox on your activity participation sheet.

  • Design activities so there are clear sightlines and obstruct any hidden places that could conceal inappropriate conduct.

  • Have a Code of Conduct covering child safety and make it a condition of membership.

  • Make sure all BIEPA activity organisers / leaders / member participants hold Working with Children Checks


5 June 2022

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