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BIEPA on The Voice

BIEPA's proud history of standing up for what matters has seen a number of fights, and some successes. We are most powerful when we harness our collectivity.

This year marks a watershed moment in Australia. We are soon going to vote on a constitutionally enshrined voice to parliament for First Australians.

Image credit: City of Sydney

The BIEPA Management Committee has agreed by majority to support a Yes vote on 14th October. Of course it is an individual choice for each person. However, our decision is based on a few key points, which I write here as food for thought for members.

We believe that conservationists voting Yes will demonstrate that the environmental movement is here to listen, and to learn from the cultures that have cared for this continent over 60,000 years.

In 250 years, a continent rich and abundant in nature has become the planet's worst extinction hotspot. In that time we've bred more environmental scientists per capita, and cut down more trees than any other country on Earth. Just 250 years to ruin 60,000.

"No" is a vote for the status quo.

"Yes" accepts a simple but generous offer that we believe has the potential to set us on a path towards the restoration of nature.

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