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Weaving Water @Yarun Residency

How does traditional knowledge, technology and art contribute to how we understand our relationship to water? Come to the Bribie Island Seaside Museum to find out, with some presentations from participants of the Weaving Water at Yarun ArtSci program.

This event is part of Treecreate’s inaugural Weaving Water at Yarun program on Bribie Island with participants visiting from the USA, Europe, Asia, Vanuatu, Aotearoa New Zealand and interstate. Many of the residents are internationally recognised for their work and have significant standing in their fields, with more than half of the group also identifying as First Nations.

Weaving Water at Yarun is an opportunity for enriching cultural and creative exchange, and raising environmental awareness with a focus on the ecosystems of Yarun (Bribie Island).

Public events will present BIEPA projects and people, including the Dugong Diaries project, at the Weaving Water @ Yarun Symposium, and a talk by Darren Jew at the artists talks event at the Bribie Island Seaside Museum.

Our public events include:

For more information and to book in for events, go to:

BIEPA is a proud partner of Weaving Water @Yarun.

Coordination team:

  • Tracey M Benson is an Australian based interdisciplinary artist, UX designer, researcher and founder of Treecreate.

  • Michelle Watson is the Chair of Pumicestone Indigenous Employment and Education Council and our cultural advisor.

  • Martin Drury is a co-founder of Treecreate and has a background in cartography, IT and graphic design.

  • Tas Winkler is a homeschooler and connector activating community.

  • Rebecca Thompson is the founder and creator of the Be a Beacon programme; a sacred path and community for female leadership, empowerment and fulfilment.

  • Nina Czegledy is an independent artist, curator, and researcher with international and national academic affiliations, based in Toronto, Canada. (Virtual Coordinator)

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