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Code of Conduct

This policy outlines the rights and responsibilities of all BIEPA members. Our aim is for members to have a safe and enjoyable experience working on BIEPA projects. We also need to make sure members don't inadvertently harm BIEPA's reputation or disrupt other projects.

Member Etiquette

We are all volunteers donating our time to BIEPA's mission so it's vital to our success that we're all able to do so without stress or discouragement, therefore each of our rights comes with a corresponding responsibility.

All BIEPA members can expect to:

  • contribute to environmental projects and campaigns

  • be shown kindness and respect by other members

  • have their opinions listened to

  • have their privacy protected

  • safely participate in volunteering activities

All BIEPA members have a duty to:

  • not campaign in BIEPA’s name unless authorised to do so

  • be kind and respectful in their interactions with others

  • listen with an open mind to opinions they may not agree with

  • protect the privacy of other members

  • ensure the safety of others when engaged in activities

Campaigning includes publishing news articles, social posts, or other public content claiming to represent the views of BIEPA as a whole. Anything we publish as BIEPA must be approved by an authorised BIEPA member.

There will often be additional responsibilities or restrictions when working on specific projects, so members must ask a team leader about these before joining projects. That includes compliance with applicable local, regional, national, and international laws.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the Management Committee:


12 May 2023

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