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7 minute task! Everyone please!

Updated: Apr 20, 2023


  1. Download the template letter (below in Microsoft Word format).

  2. Insert your reasons in the identified places.

  3. Delete any instructions that aren't part of the letter.

  4. Email to State MP with a cc to QCC as shown in the letter. Bribie's Local Member Ms Ali King MP Hon Meaghan Scanlon, Minister for the Environment Hon Annastacia Palaszczuk, Premier of Queensland If you live outside Bribie FIND YOUR LOCAL MP HERE

Template letter to local MPs
Download DOCX • 28KB


BIEPA members can help achieve real change in Queensland.

Queensland Conservation Council (QCC) is campaigning to establish an independent agency with a board and real teeth. For the moment we are calling it QIEPA — sounds familiar! — for Queensland Independent Environmental Protection Agency.

Alongside sister environmental organisations such as Protect the Bush Alliance, North Queensland Conservation Council, Australian Conservation Foundation, and the Sunshine Coast Environment Council, we can each participate in this letter campaign. It'a a short and easy job. Please do it, if you can.

This new agency will reduce political influence and "industry capture" in development decisions. Currently the Coordinator General and planning departments are not obligated to listen to Department of Environment and Science's advice when making decisions on development proposals.

Our powerful new agency would have an equal say, ensuring environment is properly considered. First Nations justice will also be central. QIEPA will also ensure consistent decision making around environmental targets across state government i.e. climate targets. The Queensland Government has acknowledged the need to consider options for a QIEPA. The business case is going to cabinet soon. Consultation has been tepid, and Cabinet could decide to dilute it or renege.

BIEPA members action right now can help. The QIEPA could have more effectively voiced concerns about local issues — Sandstone Point Hotel, North Harbour, The State Hospital site — and in future could ensure development applications like the one for the proposed Baptist Church on First Avenue are properly reviewed.

So do your bit, please everyone!

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jan 30, 2023

Hi all,

When I went through this process it took me 7 minutes, but if you fiddle with the wording very much it may take a few minutes longer. You have a powerful voice in this process, so please help us out and get your letter away. BIEPA and its supporters are a fundamental part of achieving this goal for Queensland.

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