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An optimistic vision from MBRC

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

I am excited about Moreton Bay Regional Council's ambitious vision of the future!

It paints an appealing picture of what the Moreton Bay region will be like when their Corporate Plan is followed. As members of BIEPA and the Bribie Island community, we can look forward to seeing Council officers implementing this plan through their day-to-day decisions and actions.

graphic that includes Our Health Environments
The five strategic pillars of MBRC's roadmap

Thriving Biodiversity

This is how MBRC's vision describes the future for natural spaces in Moreton Bay, where I've highlighted its recognition of the importance of corridors and biodiversity:

Our Moreton Bay is valued for its natural beauty and distinct landscapes. Our diverse natural spaces are what makes us so unique. Our magnificent bay, waterways, environmental corridors and thriving biodiversity are healthy and protected for the enjoyment of all. We have engaging parks and recreation areas that are inclusive and accessible. As we evolve, we are focused on balancing growth while protecting what we value and our Moreton Bay way of life.

View of nature reserve with lagoon and beach
Buckley's Hole Conservation Park

Restoring Habitat

A key pillar of MBRC's plan is the Environment & Sustainability Strategy, which reflects the wishes of residents and visitors to the region expressed in responses to the Moreton Says surveys in which 67% of respondents regard enhancing and restoring native habitats as the most important action Council should take.

chart showing 67% of survey respondents want MBRC to enhance and restore native habitats
Moreton Says survey results in Pulse #2

It's clear from these survey results that Moreton Bay communities expect their Council — and indeed all levels of government — to demonstrate their commitment to protect, enhance, and restore native habitat.

Volunteers planing trees for BIEPA
Terry Young MP and Cr Brooke Savige (in the background) setting an example by planting native trees

Development Standards

Note that half of all survey respondents said that Council should set a higher environmental standard for developments, and almost as many that they should increase natural areas managed for environmental purposes. The comprehensive action plan in the Environment & Sustainability Strategy starts with actions that will strengthen MBRC's Planning Scheme and other planning instruments to connect, protect, and enhance native habitats.

Outcome 1, action 1.1 from the E&S Action Plan
The Action Plan shows the importance of the Planning Scheme

This obviously implies that councillors will be required to enforce their Planning Scheme in order for this action plan to be effective. Adding conditions to the Scheme will only deliver the outcomes of the Strategy if they are actually applied when making decisions on Development Applications.

I look forward to seeing MBRC officers implementing the Environment & Sustainability Strategy in their day-to-day decisions and actions. What they do in the present will determine what kind of Moreton Bay region we have in the future — and they have heard loud and clear that the majority of our community on Bribie Island want their island to become a biodiversity sanctuary, a shining example of MBRC's vision.

You Can Help

BIEPA members can help MBRC to realise their vision.

You can let our local councillor for Division 1 know that you applaud the outcomes in MBRC's Environment & Sustainability Strategy, and look forward to seeing their day-to-day decisions and actions aligned with that strategy.

Send an email, write a letter, post a Facebook message, or ideally talk in person:

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