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Dive into Citizen Science with BIEPA

Wondering how to make a splash in conservation? Dive into the Dugong Diaries Citizen Science project!

A dugong cruising over the sea bed around Bribie Island.
Photo: Darren Jew

Citizen Science involves individuals participating in scientific research. A shining example is BIEPA's Dugong Diaries project. Observations of dugongs in Pumicestone Passage are essential for their conservation. We're finding innovative ways for citizens to submit their dugong observations, and compiling those observations into data that will be useful for researchers and decision makers.

I recently had the opportunity to attend the 2023 Australian Citizen Science Conference. I was fortunate enough to be interviewed to share our community's commitment to our beautiful dugongs.

My name is Sherry and I'll be chatting to you all through the month of December on our Bribie Island Dugongs Sightings group on Facebook.

Share your sightings and join us on the Dugong Quest by joining that Facebook group. I look forward to your observations!

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