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Dux Detox

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

To mark World Environment Day 2023, a bunch of BIEPA members got stuck in and cleared out a whole load of nasty junk from part of Dux Creek behind Bribie Island Central. As well as reducing the risk to native fauna from plastic waste, these eager beavers have helped us all get closer to the feeling of being in an environment where all life flourishes.

Why did we do this?

World Environment Day is an annual event that encourages communities around the world to tackle problems that damage ecosystems, reduce biodiversity, and generally undermine the foundations of life on earth. The theme for 2023 is Beat Plastic Pollution so BIEPA focused on clearing plastic from a crucial habitat area on Bribie.

Who made it happen?

This event took place through the diligent efforts of new BIEPA member Brendan Walsh and our indefatigable Secretary Liz O'Byrne. It was really encouraging to see a new member take on a pretty ambitious challenge, and do such a tremendous job. It shows that anyone can make a difference if they can make the time.

We would also like give special thanks to Cr Brooke Savige and Jodie from Solana Resort for making this event possible.

How did it go?

We removed three supermarket trolleys, a somewhat degraded lounge suite, a huge builder's silt barrier, and a whole bunch of miscellaneous rubbish.

There was a certain amount of fun had by some of our volunteers, and all agreed that it was a worthwhile activity, and that Dux Creek was definitely the better for it.

Our greatest achievement was the removal of a plastic silt barrier that has been haunting the creek since the Solana Resort was constructed, serving no further purpose but resisting all previous efforts at removal. This bright yellow monstrosity had become so embedded that several heroic volunteers had to wade into the creek in order to pull it away from the roots and mud.

Toorbul Satellite Event

A World Environment Day clean-up also took place in mangroves near the Toorbul Shorebird Roost.

Organised by BIEPA's Securing Seabirds Team Project Coordinator Sandra Bayley, a clean-up of 100 square metres of mangroves adjacent the Toorbul High Tide Shorebird Roost also took place on World Environment Day. Sandra, Tania, Maarten and Yoka removed plastic bags, tackle, lures, floats, plastic & glass bottles, cans, jerry cans, thongs, shoes, hats, bags, a tackle box, bottle caps, toys, polystyrene. Also some large items including boat seats, tubing, buckets, car wheels, steel bits, cushions, fishing rod parts… even a hula hoop!

How you can help

Do you know of a local, national, or global environmental event that you want BIEPA to join in with? Can you spare the time to help get it organised?

You'll get lots of help from the Management Committee and members of our Mission Teams. It just needs you to start the ball rolling, and the rest will follow.

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Bravo guys & gals.............



Well done!



Just so as you know. I had reported the rubbish that had been blocking the creek over 12 months ago to council.

Well done biepa.

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