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Jet skis in Pumicestone Passage

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

In March 2022, Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) reduced the speed limit for jet skis in the northern end of Pumicestone Passage from 40 knots to 20 knots in response to many concerns expressed by local residents and submissions from community groups about excessive speeding and reckless driving of jet skis in the area. BIEPA was one of the community groups who wrote a supporting letter to TAPP’s (Take Action for Pumicestone Passage) submission.

Jet skis being driven at speed
Image from Sunshine Coast News

At the end of 2022, BIEPA wrote to MSQ requesting a review of the speed limits at the southern end of Pumicestone Passage with a view to applying a similar reduction of speed limits, citing boat strike injuries to turtles and dugongs as well as disturbance of migratory shorebirds.

The reply from MSQ advised that speed restrictions in relation to wildlife and areas of natural values are implemented and enforced by the Dept. of Environment and Science (DES). BIEPA has made representations previously on this issue with DES and will continue to do so.

MSQ also advised:

"In addition to considering the characteristics of the waterway, recreational and commercial use of the area, I have reviewed the marine incident and compliant data. At this time there is not sufficient marine safety justification for a general reduction in the speed limit."

This implies that there have not been enough concerns expressed by local residents about the environmental and safety issues not just for our wildlife but also for all recreational and beach users of the southern Pumicestone Passage.

So let's make more noise about this problem!

Here's what to do...

If you observe any reckless use of boats and jet skis (the hoon hotline applies to vessels as well as vehicles) please report to the following authorities:

Phone Police Link: 131 444

  • Senior Constable Linda from Bribie station has asked for phone calls.

  • Local patrol will attend if able.

  • Police will observe, educate, and issue infringement notices.

Online Police Link: Hooning

Marine Safety Qld (MSQ): Gary Crozier

Jet ski driven at speed
Image from Bribie's Moreton Bay Jet Ski Hire and Ride

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Feb 04, 2023

This is good to have reporting details. I have personally witnessed jetskis speeding and worse driving right over where dolphins have just surfaced at the entrance to the marina near sunset park. Nonwonder the authority has no records of incidences as there is no authority actually out there on the water policing all these sorts of things. It is high time there was.

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