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Making a difference by donating

Over the years there has been lots of talk about and reference to Bribie's sign at the bridge entrance: A Fauna & Flora Sanctuary. However, it is becoming clear that we need more than a sign to protect Bribie's threatened flora and fauna.

Sign from MBRC saying "Welcome to Bribie Island, A Fauna & Flora Sanctuary"
MBRC welcome sign by Sandstone Point Hotel

As the pressures for inappropriate development are becoming stronger, BIEPA needs to take robust action. It’s clear that we need to do more than lobby and write submissions if we want to protect Bribie from being trashed.

Planners and other experts have a major influence on Bribie's development and future quality of life.

BIEPA is keen to hire experts such as planners, engineers and lawyers to question MBRC decision-making and to input into the MBRC planning scheme. This is what developers do to achieve their objectives. Planning is a complex and technical area and currently it is developers who are producing the technical reports prepared by experts that are swaying MBRC decision making.

The Environmental Defender's Office advocates that environmental organisations also engage with and use Planning Laws to protect our environment. Assistance for BIEPA on this will require engaging and paying for the services of relevant experts.

It’s also clear that the community expects BIEPA to stand up for Bribie Island's environmental values and assets. There have been questions asked of BIEPA by community members as to what we are doing to ensure that the proposed development of 99 First Avenue does not go ahead.

Donations are an important source of funding for environmental organisations. Currently BIEPA receives little funding from this source. BIEPA has an Environmental Fund established in the BIEPA Constitution specifically to receive donations. The purpose of the Environmental Fund is to protect and enhance Bribie's natural environment.

Madeleine Luck-Grillon is a dedicated BIEPA benefactor and member. Over the years, Madeleine has donated many thousands of dollars to BIEPA with the aim of preserving Bribie's precious and vulnerable environment. We asked Madeleine why she donates to BIEPA:

When bestowing money in support of our local environmental organisation, the funds can be used to achieve outcomes that would not be otherwise achieved. I care for my "island backyard" and believe that by donating, I can make my most meaningful contribution to protecting Bribie's natural surroundings.

Madeleine adds:

Money, after all, is merely a form of energy, and this energy will benefit all of us. Donating funds is truly a win-win choice with great doubling impact. On one hand the result is an immense feel-good reward, on the other hand there is the bonus of a tax deduction all Australians receive from the ATO when donating to a registered charitable organisation like BIEPA.

Madeleine agreed to share her way of thinking with us in order to encourage and inspire all concerned members of our great community to follow suit. Australians are fundamentally caring and giving people, she says.

If you would like to be part of the movement to protect and conserve nature on Bribie Island through donating to BIEPA, please check out the Donate page on our website or contact or

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