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Protecting Bribie with Containers for Change

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

You can get involved in helping BIEPA to protect the flora and fauna of Bribie Island by collecting empty bottles and cans from your neighbours, then taking them to the Containers for Change (C4C) depot and donating the proceeds to BIEPA.

How does it work?

This approach has been very successful in a Bribie neighbourhood:

  1. Ask your neighbours if they're willing to help, and get their email addresses.

  2. Provide them with big boxes they can use to collect containers.

  3. Ask them to drop off the boxes with you when they're full.

  4. Sort containers into glass, plastic, metal and count each kind.

  5. Take them to the bulk drop-off at the depot when you have enough.

  6. Donate the proceeds to BIEPA by giving a scheme ID - see below.

  7. Return clean, empty boxes to your neighbours.

  8. Forward the receipt to them when it arrives as an email.

There are two scheme IDs you can use in step 6:

  • our BIEPA scheme ID, which is C10516350; or

  • your own scheme ID, which you get by creating your own C4C account.

If you use ours, all the donations a mixed together on our account, so it can be tricky to keep track of which ones came from you. If you use your own, all your donations are listed on your account so it's easy to keep track of your contribution. In either case, the funds end up with BIEPA. More on each option below.

The Fundraise page on the C4C website has more details on how these fundraising schemes work.

Using our scheme ID

If you forget our scheme ID, just ask the staff at the depot for their list of local charities. They'll also be happy to show you how to donate to our scheme.

We'll get a receipt like this emailed to us, which we'll forward to you if you let us know the date and approximate time of your donation: