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Migratory Bird Day at Toorbul

Updated: May 30, 2022


Update: Rescheduled to 4th June.


All members are welcome to a BIEPA celebration of World Migratory Bird Day between 2:00pm and 3:30pm on Saturday 4th June 2022, at Toorbul's Room Made of Trees on the foreshore; see map at the end of this post.

Migratory birds fly up to 12,000 km from the Arctic, some without stopping, and land at Toorbul. They come here exhausted, to rest and feed.

How lucky are we to host them? How well do you know them? Here's a chance to learn more about them and to celebrate these amazing birds.

Several locals will speak about aspects of these birds, what the birds mean to them and how we can all support the birds while they are with us at Toorbul.

If you are touched by these birds and would like to give a 2-3 minute presentation, just let us know by calling Sandra on 0401 544 596.


Please bring:

  • refreshments

  • chair or rug

  • outdoor shoes

  • binoculars

  • a love of birds!

Many thanks to Sandra from Toorbul who is organising the event.

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