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Bonnie J. Holmes: Unveiling the mystery of our local Bull Sharks

Sunshine Coast researchers have begun tagging bull sharks in Sunshine Coast river systems as part of a new three-year project to inform safer interactions between humans and the apex predator. UniSC marine biologist and project lead Dr Bonnie Holmes is keen to help un-muddy the waters surrounding the ecology bull sharks across South-east Queensland. Dr Holmes will be joining us as guest speaker at the July BIEPA Monthly Meeting. So come along on Monday July 22 at 7pm (register here) to hear about Dr Holmes' research program, and learn more about the infamous, but fascinating bull shark!

Dr Bonnie Holmes - Senior Lecturer, Animal Ecology, UniSC Bonnie specialises in using techniques such as satellite and acoustic telemetry to answer complex questions about how sharks use their habitat in time and space. She also has a keen interest in population genetics and core biology to facilitate improved fish and fisheries management. Her current research is focused on addressing gaps in knowledge of local Sunshine Coast bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas) - where they move, do females pup here, and how many are there?

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