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Planting Trees for the Queen

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

On Saturday 8th October, BIEPA members and friends spent the morning planting trees to celebrate the platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II and commemorate her long life of service to the Commonwealth. There will be more opportunities like this to restore native habitat and protect the creatures that depend upon it, so come along and join in.

volunteers wearing BIEPA vests getting ready to plant trees
Gearing up for action! Photo courtesy of Ron Nothman (inset)

Restoring native habitat is a very effective way to help wildlife flourish. The Queen's Green Canopy initiative in the UK has spread to Australia as part of our platinum jubilee celebrations.

BIEPA is the only organisation in the Longman division that applied for and received a grant to plant trees. Glenda Charles and Mark Stanton-Cook have used the grant to source over 50 young native trees, bags of compost and mulch, digging tools, and a very useful auger.

By promoting the event on our website and in The Bribie Islander we were able to recruit a small army of eager volunteers, including Cr Brooke Savige from MBRC, Pumicestone MP Ali King, and Longman MP Terry Young who provided the grant that funded this project.

Our Trees & Vegetation team had already prepared the ground at Ernest Sendall Park by weeding and digging holes, so our volunteers had a great time putting the young trees into the ground and filling in with soil and compost. MBRC workers brought a truck to water all the trees and will be back to keep them watered over the next few weeks. The youngsters will be able to come back regularly to see how well the trees they planted are growing and providing homes for wildlife.

This planting event has only spent about half of the grant so will be followed by another. Please keep an eye on the Events page and consider joining us in restoring native habitat in Bribie's parks and public spaces.

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