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Protect Toondah for good

We could be forgiven for thinking there would be no more Toondah petitions to sign, but just as we celebrate the success of the 10-year battle to save Toondah wetland from a proposed residential/commercial development, there is another one to sign!

Fortunately it's a government approved petition and it only takes a couple of minutes to add your name. Please also share the link with your friends, family, and groups.

The Queensland state government had declared this Ramsar-protected wetland a Priority Development Area (PDA). This petition is asking the current government to revoke the PDA status which will make the site less appealing to any future potential developers.

It was posted on 14th May and already has over 1,300 signatures. Let’s get it over 3,000!

The petition closes on: 11th June 2024

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Unknown member
May 24

We have both signed separately Sandra...............


Unknown member
May 23

Thanks for the link, Sandra, I’ve signed it.

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