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Rescued heron free again!

Just sharing the wonderful moment when a rescued white-face heron is released back into the wild on Bribie Island.

White-faced heron at water's edge among plants
White-faced heron

Recently, a white-faced heron in poor condition was rescued after being reported by a local Bribie Islander. The heron was transported by BIEPA member Christine Wilson to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. After receiving the necessary care and rehabilitation, the bird received clearance to leave.

She was then taken to the Kakadu Beach Bird Sanctuary at Banksia Beach. Our heron flew away strong and healthy thanks to efforts from both the local community and BIEPA. She will hopefully go on to have many chicks and boost the local population of these magnificent birds.

Our heron's exciting moment of freedom

Efforts such as these by BIEPA members help to ensure the protection and preservation of local wildlife.

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