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Save Beerwah's Ferny Forest

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

The QLD Government has committed to ending logging of native state forests in South East Qld by 31 December 2024, transferring 20,000 hectares (ha) into Protected Area. But right now, native forest in Beerwah State Forest, on the lands of the Jinibara and the Kabi Kabi peoples on the Sunshine Coast, is under threat from logging, expected to start early this year.

This section of the Beerwah native forest is affectionately known by locals who want it protected as ‘Ferny Forest’ and is home to vulnerable species like Glossy Black Cockatoos, Greater Gliders, Koalas and Tusk frogs. Other state forests are likely to face a similar fate over the next couple of years.

Two action groups have been formed to garner community support and apply pressure to the authorities to change their plans and not log the 130ha remnant vegetation forest. Save Beerwah State Forest and Save Ferny Forest have formed to garner community support and along with the Bushrangers Mountain Bike

Club and Sunshine Coast Environment Council (SCEC) are actively campaigning to save the forest.

For information on how you can support this campaign visit:

Bike Trail Beerwah State Forest at Ewan Maddock Dam

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Mar 24, 2022

Interesting that this government (publicly) owned forest is threatened by the government’s logging for profit until 2024. If the government were serious about protecting this land from destruction by (government sanctioned) logging companies who have government contracts to profit from the destruction of wildlife habitat, then why not buy out the contracts NOW and actually protect the forests so they can become Protected NOW.

Where is the logic in continuing to destroy wildlife habitat, ostensibly designated for protection. two years hence. Crazy.

Who gets paid by taxpayers to spin this nonsense.?

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