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Speak Out on Road Carnage

If like us you are sick and tired of seeing scenes of carnage like the above picture which was taken on Sunderland Drive recently — and if like us you have some trepidation regarding an extra two lanes of bridge to bring even more traffic onto our “Fauna and Flora Sanctuary” — what can be done by us all to try and vastly improve the situation for our precious wildlife?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Bombard our elected representatives at all levels of government with letters, emails, tweets etc. stressing the need for fencing of bush and National Park areas, lower speed limits and more traffic control. Believe it or not politicians are very susceptible to public pressure and sources within a government department tell us that letters etc. WILL make a difference if enough of us are persistent. Where possible include photos and time, date and location.

  • Bombard newspapers and magazines with letters and photo’s as the more people we can get on our side the more successful we will be.

Your letters/emails do not need to be lengthy; in fact they will have more chance of being read if they are brief and to the point.

Here are some suggestions on where to send your messages:

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