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Take the Moreton Says survey now!

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

City of Moreton Bay council are conducting the next stage of their Moreton Says program of surveys, which collect community feedback for input into their planning process. This is a great opportunity for BIEPA members to make their voices heard, to make Council aware of the problems that are close to our hearts. The survey closes soon!

People talking to council officer about Moreton Says survey
Engaging communities around Moreton Bay (credit:

How to take the survey

You must do this before the survey closes on Tuesday 5 September 2023:

  1. Prepare two long response (see below) in a note or document you can copy.

  2. Go to the Moreton Says website.

  3. Sign if you've done this before, or register for a login.

  4. Answer the various multiple-choice questions.

  5. Copy and paste your detailed response when prompted.

There are two questions that allow for a free text response. When preparing your text responses, try to provide helpful feedback that gives them insights and ideas they can act on:

  1. Describe the problem.

  2. Explain the impact of the problem.

  3. Suggest ideas for solving the problem.

This will be more effective than just complaining about Council!

Talking points

Each of our Mission Teams has provided a few talking points that may help you decide what you want Council to consider.

Wildlife Team

  • Funding regular detailed surveys of species abundance, health, and diversity.

  • Greater participation of community environment groups in things like the Biodiversity Reference Group (which currently only allows 20 participants).

  • Enforced protection for Bribie's wildlife, e.g. reduce marine speed limits.

  • Council to work more closely with QLD DES and SCC on a coordinated and effective plan to protect habitat across the whole island, e.g. promoting and protecting iconic species like turtles, dugongs, dolphins, shorebirds, and macropods.

Flora Team

  • Develop a vegetation management plan for Bribie Island which conserves and protects Bribie's fragile environment.

  • Plant Australian native grasses which require limited or no mowing and divert money saved to protecting nature on Bribie.

  • Stop chopping down old growth trees.

  • Plant trees for shaded walks, street trees. Stop chopping down street trees if requested by individual residents.

Environment Team

  • Budget specifically for maintenance of conservation areas.

  • Council support for restoration of oyster reefs in the Marine Park.

  • Funding and support for community projects to control destructive feral species, e.g. toads, cats, foxes.

  • Strategy for reducing plastic waste in the environment, e.g. banning plastic confetti, mandating compostable packaging, litter traps on storm water outflows.

Ecotourism & Sustainable Development Team

  • Promotion of nature-based tourism on Bribie Island.

  • Liaise with the State Government to achieve better public transport for Bribie, e.g. small on-demand buses, ferry connection to Brisbane. At present, public transport as advised by the mayor is only 2% of trips, which is unsustainable.

  • Management of 4WD within the area of MBRC responsibility, i.e. up to the first lagoon. Stop promoting Bribie as just a 4WD playground.

  • Sustainable development policy, e.g. appropriate building for the tropics and for the impacts of climate change.

Community Team

  • Council investment in better community information outlets for local groups.

  • Free consultancy to non-profits on how to organise and manage projects.

  • Grants for websites and Facebook admins to help non-profit groups get online.

  • Proactive assistance from Council officers in organising and running community events, rather than the community group having to do all the work and Council just blocking them if they don't meet requirements.

Seeing the results

Once the survey is closed you will be able to explore the results on the Moreton Says website.

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