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Where do the parties stand?

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

ACF - the Australian Conservation Foundation - has published their handy guide to where the candidates for the federal election stand on protecting nature and limiting climate-related damage in this decade.

Australia currently has a pretty poor record on deforestation, extinctions, and pollution. We are also in the top three countries in the world for exports of fossil fuels, which are by far the biggest contributors to long-term climate change.

What happens here affects the entire planet, so let's make this an election about all life on Earth!

Safeguarding and strengthening nature is key to securing a liveable future

World leaders will start to take action when voters make it clear they want action. And we've left it so late now that those actions have to be both decisive and ambitious - the kind of actions only governments can make happen.

Our vote is our super-power - it has far more impact than anything else we can do as individuals.

The ABC’s Vote Compass data says climate change is the top issue for people’s vote. A recent survey of more than 500 readers of Australian Community Media's agricultural publications, found regional voters put climate change in the top two issues that mattered most. Australia’s biggest climate poll shows the majority of people in the city and the bush are positive about the benefits of greater climate action.

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