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Wonders of the Wallum Walks

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Many wanderers came to wander along our Wonders of the Wallum walk this month. Wildflowers are a bit late blooming this year, but there was plenty of flora of various kinds to see.

Gazebo with BIEPA members and people waiting to walk
BIEPA base camp with keen walkers lining up

Many thanks to Allan Carr, Glenda Charles, Mark Stanton-Cooke, Sue Stevenson, Bill Tunstal, Jenny Walker, Geoff Ginn, Kathleen Catalan, Rhys Walker, Lia Saint Smith, Carol Wood, Victoria Howard, and others for taking the time to set up the walk and guide the walkers.

The team planted lots of plaques next to plants along the walk, giving botanical and common names. Next time we hope to include QR codes so walkers can look up more details on our website.

To someone walking through the bush, the plants can look very similar and the flowers can be fairly small, so many people may not notice the diversity and beauty of our native wildflowers. These walks are a great way to raise awareness of the range of different species that thrive on Bribie Island.

Photo gallery

Here are some botanical photos from the walk:

We also received these lovely photos from Caroline Briggs:

These were taken by Hari Kotorotsios on our Social Media team:

Share your story

If you have a story to share about the native flora of Bribie Island, or photos of this year's wildflowers, please send them to:

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