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Bribie Island and Surrounds Transport and Mobility Study

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Update: Join our Facebook group Better Bribie Transport to share your thoughts and keep up to date with our community engagement campaign. Invite your friends too!

Our Ecotourism & Sustainable Development team need your help to make sure our voice is heard in an important survey about transport on and around Bribie Island.

Cyclists along Bribie Island esplanade
Photo: from TMR survey

What's happening

Transport and Main Roads (TMR) are consulting with the community on what we consider to be the transport issues within Bribie Island, Sandstone Point and surrounds, as well as travel to Sunshine Coast, Caboolture and Brisbane.

Map of TMR study area
Map of the study area

They want our views on what we see as our transport challenges, our transport opportunities and importantly they want us to identify transport options for the future.

Why have your say

There are many reasons to speak up now about transport for the future:

  • As the only sand island with a bridge in Queensland, we will continue to be a popular go to destination for day trippers and holiday makers.

  • The City of Moreton Bay is projected to experience a population growth from 500,000 to 800,000 by 2041.

  • Plans for a new Bribie Bridge are underway. A continuous 4-lane highway from Caboolture to Bribie Island Flora and Fauna Sanctuary is under staged construction.

  • Many new estates are under development such as the West Caboolture development with an expected 70,000 new people in this development alone.

How to have your say

You can complete the online survey, pin your comments to a map, and meet with project officers in person.

Online Survey

Important: You must have a TMR account and login to complete the survey online.

Complete the online survey before 17th December 2023:

Or you can download and print this paper survey form, which you can drop off at Ali King's office or post it free of charge to:

Transport Strategy & Planning Department Transport & Main Roads Reply Paid 88872 Brisbane City QLD 4000

Bribie Island & Surrounds Transport Survey_301023_Pages
Download PDF • 127KB

Suggested Responses

The survey asks prescriptive questions about how you travel. Take the opportunity to give more feedback using the box ‘OTHER’ available on some questions. Read our suggested response and some thoughts below on what to consider when answering the questions.

Download our suggestions here:

Download PDF • 171KB

Importantly, you are asked for your top 3 ideas to improve transport in your area and suggestions for trips outside your area. BIEPA, after much investigation and deliberation, favours these ideas:

  • Small on-demand electric buses (replace the big Translink buses on the island).

  • Ferry service to synchronise with these small buses.

  • Park and Ride facility to allow tourists to experience Bribie by bus and ferry and avoid congestion on the island.

Interactive Map

You can pin your ideas to locations on the interactive map on the survey page (link above). It's a good idea to do this when they are brief and relate to a specific location.

Consultation Sessions

There are opportunities to meet and discuss this project with the TMR project officers who are holding six face-to-face public consultation sessions:




12 Nov 2023

6:30am - 12 noon

Rotary Markets, Brennan Park, Bongaree

15 Nov 2023

9am - 12 noon

Bribie Island Shopping Centre (by Woolworths)

17 Nov 2023

9am - 12 noon

​The Village, Sandstone Point (by IGA)

22 Nov 2023

9am - 12 noon

Bribie Island Park'n'Ride, Victory Rd, Bongaree

30 Nov 2023

9am - 12 noon

Bribie Island Shopping Centre (by Priceline)

2 Dec 2023

7am - 12 noon

Beachmere Community Markets, 53 Rogers St

Some things to think about

Here are some things to consider when having your say:

  • Will you worry about driving a car after the age of 75? Or about needing to stop driving?

  • Are you sick of the growing congestion you encounter on Bribie?

  • Do you worry now about traffic conditions continuing to worsen?

  • Would you like a flexible pre-booked transport service that takes you directly to your destination on Bribie without needing to change buses?

  • Will you want convenient on-demand small buses to get you around at an affordable cost?

  • To take you for example, from Woorim to Bongaree RSL or from Banksia Beach to U3A without changing buses?

  • Do you want an efficient on-demand bus service to get you to the shops, medical appointments, local satellite hospital, your favourite local club and to enable you to go about your hobbies?

  • Could you do with reliable local small buses and ferries to take your kids to their sport activities, to their hobbies, to school?

  • If there were less expensive alternatives to ubers and taxis would more of us give up our cars in our local area to reduce congestion?

  • Small direct bus services have been introduced in a number of Queensland locations e.g. Ipswich, Logan, Hervey Bay. Would you like to see them trialled on Bribie? If so, you will need to ask for them in this survey?

Our view is that we need more attractive alternatives to car use! The problem is not the cars, but the very high dependence on cars. We should not have to depend on the car for our daily, local and regional transport needs as we do now.

We need an integrated transport network with better connections to and from transport nodes making it attractive and convenient. The future is electric and the transport system needs to transition to a net-zero emissions system.

BIEPA's forward thinking

Our transport system must support a Bribie Island Sanctuary and surrounding areas, our lifestyle and a vision of an island sanctuary where all life flourishes.

A transport system needs to be designed to minimise traffic congestion, develop our unique eco-tourism opportunities as well as facilitate local economic growth.

Our proposed transport system minimises car dependence and focuses on active modes of transport, such as walking, biking, e-scooters and mobility scooters.

We propose an effective transport system for the future that includes:

  • Small electric on-demand buses to zoned areas of Bribie and surrounds; see examples.

  • Small ferry hopper service from key locations on Pumicestone Passage working in unison with the buses.

  • Off-island park-and-ride facilities.

  • Increased public transport services to outlying train stations, shopping centres, hospitals and other destinations determined by need.

  • Greater uptake of community transport services and less dependence on cars.

  • Large scale eco-friendly walking and cycling tracks mapped around Bribie Island, in conservation and marine parks, as well as in surrounding areas such as Caboolture, Wamuran, plus north and south of Bribie Island.

A big Thank You to everyone who has their say!

— Cecilia Wilson, Angela Armitage, Paul Fitzgerald, Karen Wilson

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Nov 08, 2023

This is a very important survey for our smaller and larger community. The consequences will have a significant impact on our natural and built environments. It is a wonderful opportunity to be active citizens.

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