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Shout out for nature!

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

The Queensland Government is updating their ShapingSEQ plan to address the housing shortage. Developers are already actively lobbying for more development wherever it's most profitable for them, without much consideration for the environmental impact.

We need to drown out their voice with our own, calling out on behalf of the native flora and fauna of Bribie Island, but also advocating for the protection of habitat and biodiversity throughout South East Queensland.

Let's make a noise and shout out for nature!

People from QCC and member groups around a table of maps
BIEPA members and others explored the draft maps from the ShapingSEQ 2023 update with QCC

Why is this important?

The ShapingSEQ plan has a big influence over development in our region of Australia. Moreton Bay City Council strategies and Planning Scheme must comply with the SEQ plan, so MBCC will be revising their plans to align with whatever gets published.

The focus on the 2023 update is on expanding available housing, which is likely to mean more development of green-field sites if developers get their way! Speaking up about this plan could make all the difference in preventing an expansion of the sprawl of barren, soulless housing estates into habitat areas.

Queensland Conservation Council is coordinating a campaign by its member groups to focus the plan on developing existing urban areas to increase housing density, maximise use of existing infrastructure, minimise carbon footprint, and preserve native habitat.

The BIEPA Management Committee attended a workshop organised by QCC where we learned about the update process and the avenues for making our voices heard. BIEPA will be making a formal submission in collaboration with SCEC and QCC.

What does the update say?

You can find details of the 2023 update on the ShapingSEQ website.

The draft planning maps will be on display at the BIEPA market stall on 10th September at the Rotary Markets in Brennan Park, Bongaree. Come and talk to our members running the stall to find out more.

How do I give feedback?

There are several options for giving feedback on the draft update:

You can also sign the QCC petition to send a letter (which you can edit) to Premier Palaszczuk.

Thank you!

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1 Komentar

Anggota tidak dikenal
05 Sep 2023

Excellent update from the Committee. BIEPA members can really influence public policy and environmental outcomes in this way. Thanks, Mike!

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