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Pumicestone Catchment Partnership

This week, BIEPA executive members met with representatives of the Pumicestone Catchment Management Body to move forward with a broad scale partnership. BIEPA will be represented on the steering committee by Diane and John Oxenford who have long experience of the issues.

Their challenge is to push state and local government to establish an overarching authority to ensure informed, timely, and appropriate management actions for this important waterway. Covered by 40 pieces of legislation and 80 international, federal, state and local government policies, critical decisions about the catchment risk being dropped, fudged or passed over.

The expanding breach separating Bribie Island means tidal flows have changed, exacerbating erosion and movement of sand. On-water activities need monitoring, water quality and run-off problems are a growing concern.

A region that in the 1980s was considered to have a carrying capacity of 30,000 people now anticipates a population of over 280,000. We must work together to meet this huge challenge.

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