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Thanks for helping our Jubilee Trees

Thank-you to Geoff G, Rhys, Adrienne, Ian, Carol, David, Paul, Rob, Barry, Jenny, Geoff A, Jan van, Jan, Jill and Alice for caring for our struggling Queen's Jubilee trees and shrubs.

Group of people with spades and forks among trees in a park.
The BIEPA crew in action spreading mulch (photo: Geoff Ginn)

This great band of workers came to help spread and dig in mulch at Ernest Sendall Park on Friday, 3rd. March. Nicole Byrne, Environment Officer, Moreton Bay Regional Council organised the 20 cubic metre mulch delivery. As a small bobcat distributed mulch into manageable piles, and it took just over an hour for our enthusiastic group of volunteers to dig in and spread the mulch.

The first trees were planted on 8th. October last year. They have struggled because of the hard ground (marine mud from when the canals were made) and the long hot

dry summer. This is the second mulching BIEPA has done on the site.

When the weather is cooler, we will do another planting and mulching to complete the Jubilee Planting Project. The inclusion of signage will be part of the project finalisation.

Thank you one and all,

Glenda Charles

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