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The Way Ahead!

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Busy month in October for BIEPA, with the members' social meeting on 24th, management executive meeting on 25th, and then a great strategic planning session on 26th for a handful of keen members.

We are fortunate to have been granted pro bono services from professional facilitator, Mary Burgess. Discussions and distillations helped the management committee to get our heads straight and focus our objectives for coming months, and we anticipate a comprehensive 3 year plan will result, which we will share here.

In a nutshell, we are committed to raising awareness of the natural value of Bribie, building BIEPA’s recognition in the community, expanding our membership, clarifying our systems and processes, and engaging members in meaningful activities so that everyone creates value in their own lives and for the future on the Island.

To make all that happen, we are thinking along the lines of a small number of mission teams, where each team is empowered to achieve its mission by running projects and activities by themselves, reporting progress and plans to members once a month. This allows the management team to focus on strategy and administration rather than trying to do everything and getting overwhelmed.

The missions, leaders, and members of those teams will be decided over coming weeks and presented in January's meeting. We will keep you posted and encourage members to join a team to have a genuine impact on protecting Bribie's special habitat and its residents.

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