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Backyard Biodiversity gets a boost

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

BIEPA was proud to be acknowledged as a worthy recipient of a grant from the Brisbane Airport Corporation's Community Giving Fund for $3,500 to kick off our Backyard Biodiversity project. The money will be invested in establishing wild nature strips to encourage bugs, birds and other native critters to flourish across Bribie suburbs.

BIEPA receives grant from BAC CEO
Richard and Angela accept the grant from BAC CEO Gert-Jan de Graaff

Only 33 organisations were included from 259 applications, demonstrating the value of our strategic program. BIEPA VP Angela Armitage and our able and committed Grants Officer Robyn O’Sullivan have demonstrated that with attention to opportunities, BIEPA can achieve genuine recognition and support from a range of government and public philanthropic donors.

Angela and BIEPA President Richard Ogden were there on 30th March to discuss our vibrant new plan to activate our membership in Mission Teams to help transform our region into a recognised environmental destination, and encourage all 25,000 Bribie residents to share in a renewed push to ensure the value and sustainability of our home into the future.

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